Warning about rogue wholesale enquiries

One of our DG Food and Drink businesses has had an increased number of rogue enquiries recently from people purporting to be small wholesalers seeking to open a credit account.  We are therefore keen to alert local businesses to this concerning practice.

The business describes their experience as follows:

"We have recently been approached by several small independent food wholesalers operating from various commercial sites in the Glasgow area.

"They apply for a credit account and supply all of the usual names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses – and even references and orders.

"On close examination they are supplying references for companies that no longer exist, or do exist - but the email addresses are  made up to look like the real thing but use a generic email provider (like cadburyschocolate@hotmail..co.uk) - and the  phone numbers are often from the wrong area code. The bases are often small industrial estates so if you Google them it looks real - but the home addresses (in the case of partnerships/sole traders) are usually flats in equally run-down areas. Company numbers and VAT numbers are also false.

"This type of operation could of course happen anywhere – so beware."

If you do receive an enquiry such as this from a business that is unfamiliar to you, please take extra care to investigate the business credentials.