New Funding for Regional Produce

The Scottish Government yesterday announced £250,000 funding comprising small grants of around £5,000 each which will become available from May to promote Scottish produce. 

We don't know the details of this fund yet but we very much welcome this investment in the grassroots of our industry. The fund will be administered by Scotland Food and Drink.

As and when we do find out details, we naturally want to make sure Dumfries & Galloway businesses benefit from this funding. 

Therefore if your business, event, market or festival is interested in applying for funding, let me know what you want and why you want it just to give us the heads up so we can help you prepare. Note that the key word in the announcement seems to be 'promote'.

Remember there are other sources of funding out there, so the more that you let myself and Mark Geddes at D&G Council know what your plans are, the more likely it is that we'll be able to help. 

Meantime, Scotland Food and Drink are keeping us in the loop as details emerge about this funding, which is great.

A reminder of our contact details:

Lorna Young, DG Food and Drink  01387 263886

Mark Geddes, D&G Council  01387 273993