Good Food Nation - Your Opinions Wanted

The Scottish Government has launched a discussion document for consultation and is inviting comments and feedback on it from the industry and from other stakeholders.

Becoming a Good Food Nation is the next step to the Scottish National Food and Drink Policy, Recipe for Success which was launched in 2009. 

Becoming a Good Food Nation seeks views on how to improve Scotland’s relationship with food through:

  • Creating a Scottish Food Commission to champion the importance of food to Scotland’s health, environment, economy and quality of life
  • Promoting good food choices to consumers, enlisting the support of retailers, food producers and public bodies
  • Having Scotland’s public sector lead by example with the NHS, local authorities and Scottish Government signing up to offer fresh, seasonal, local and sustainable produce
  • Developing a specific children’s food policy in recognition of the impact of food on the health of young people and their ability to influence society’s behaviour for generations to come
  • Working with communities to encourage the production and sale of more locally grown food
  • Realising the economic benefits of a better domestic food culture for Scotland’s food and drink sector.

This discussion document is available on the Scottish Government website for consultation at   Please read the discussion paper and help to identify the way forward for Scotland to become a Good Food Nation. Responses should be emailed to by 17 October 2014.