Get Your Event Listed on VisitScotland

VisitScotland are now using The List to supply their event listings and all Event organisers are able to submit their own event for free.  The submit an event page now includes a link to an online form run by The List.  

Since The List also supplies so many other publications and websites with event listings, this is a great way for an event organiser to promote their event to as many different people as possible in one simple step.  Since organisers create an account with The List, amends are also much easier as they simply log in and make their amend.

You can find out more information on the benefits of adding events for free on this link

In terms of benefits on having complimentary events listing on, the top ones are:

-          A massive audience interested in your area to promote your event to: the page was viewed over 3,500 times in the last month

-          Events URL promoted in regional print driving traffic

-          All Scotland e-zines link back to the events section of the site - the Scotland e-zines are sent to 140,000 people

-          By appearing on .com there is a greater chance of your event appearing as a specific article in the Scotland e-zines

-          Ensures event reaches new people who are warm to the area and looking for events to take part in. 

 Events - all VisitScotland Information Centres have space to display consumer event posters for FREE. You will find your closest one on this list:-

 If you have any queries please contact Caroline Robertson or the team at