Free Food Waste Audits

Resource Efficient Scotland are offering free food waste audits and support to food and drink SMEs to access any available Scottish Government funding to help you implement any recommendation identified during the audit.  The programme is part of a government initiative to reduce food waste across Scotland by a third by 2025.

The audit includes:

          - The identification of food and drink flows (and hot spots).

          - An assessment of food and drink waste quantities.

          - Presentation of waste prevention opportunities, to include:

                                         > supply chain efficiencies;

                                         > procurement;

                                         > packaging;

                                         > storage;

                                         > technical and mechanical processing;

                                         > handling and sorting; and

                                         > staff training and skills identification.

          - Presentation of cost, tonnage and carbon savings.

This opportunity applies to hospitality businesses as well as food production businesses.

Contact me on if you would like to take part and I'll put you in touch.