Food & Drink Themed #LoveDandG Twitter Chat

Dumfries and Galloway's food and drink is on the menu of tonight's #LoveDandG twitter chat hour.

Hosted by Solway Tours the goal of this well established twitter chat hour is to highlight why we love D&G and to share our passion for the region with others. 

To take part head over to twitter at 9pm and answer the questions below tagging all your tweets with the hashtag #LoveDandG

9.00pm Q1 What is the best restaurant or best pub that you have been to in D&G this year? #LoveDandG
9.10pm Q2  How can we shout louder about our Region’s Food and Drink? #LoveDandG
9.20pm Q3 Are there any new food or drink establishments in D&G that people should visit this year? #LoveDandG
9.30pm Q4 Where is the best spot in the Region for a picnic?#LoveDandG
9.40pm Q5 What foodie events and festivals in D&G are you looking forward to? Or organising for this year? #LoveDandG
9.50pm Q6 Share your photos or videos of a memorable food and drink experience in D&G.#LoveDandG

Feel free to use it to promote your business to others taking part in the chat hour.