#EatDG 28th April at 8pm

Event Date: 
Thursday 28th April, 2016 - 8:00pm to 9:00pm
Event Organisers: 
DG Food and Drink

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in our #EatDG twitter chat hour.  After consulting with a few people I've decided to move the time of the twitter chat to 8pm so that it better suits those who want to participate in it.

The next #EatDG will therefore be on 28th April at 8pm.  The questions as follows:

8pm Q1 Hellos, introductions & what’s new with you? #EatDG

8.10pm Q2 What foodie events and festivals are you looking forward to (or organising – feel free to do a sales pitch!)? #EatDG

8.20pm Q3 How could food & drink be improved at events & festivals? What’s the most inspiring example of excellence you’ve seen? #EatDG

8.30pm Q4 One, big central food festival or lots of smaller foodie focussed events – what’s the way forward for D&G? #EatDG

8.40pm Q5 Share a photo of something delicious in D&G and tell us the story behind it. #EatDG

8.50pm Q6 What shall we talk about next month? #EatDG

9pm Close. Thank you for taking part in #EatDG!

Full details on the @EatDG twitter handle: https://twitter.com/EatDG